• Seamless Steel Pipe

    Seamless Steel Pipe

    1.HEAVY WALL SEAMLESS STEEL PIPE Heavy-walled seamless pipes are definitely better than ordinary pipes. The first is that the seamless structure of the pipe wall and the pipe body are very smooth, and the second is that the stainless steel is resistant to high temperatur...
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  • Precision Steel Pipe

    Precision Steel Pipe

    Precision pipe is charactrized by high precision dimension tolerances, and delivered in cold drawn or cold rolled, pickled, polished or bright annealed surface. Precision steel pipe is a high-precision steel pipe material processed by cold drawing or hot rolling. Because the inner and outer walls...
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  • Astm A106 Seamless Pressure Pipe

    Astm A106 Seamless Pressure Pipe

    ASTM A106 seamless pressure pipe (also known as ASME SA106 pipe) is commonly used in the construction of oil and gas refineries, power plants, petrochemical plants, boilers, and ships where the piping must transport fluids and gases that exhibit higher temperatures and pressure levels. ASTM A106 ...
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  • Seamless Steel Pipes

    Seamless Steel Pipes

    Seamless steel pipes are perforated from whole round steel, and steel pipes without welds on the surface are called seamless steel pipes. According to the production method, seamless steel pipes can be divided into hot-rolled seamless steel pipes, cold-rolled seamless steel pipes, cold-drawn seam...
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